How to make money selling stock footage

How to make money selling stock footage


How to make money selling stock footage

selling stock footage is way fun and super easy.

1. If you don’t already have a video camera or DSLR camera that will shoot video, get one.

2. Shoot 10-20 second clips that you think video editors/content creators need but don’t have the ability to shoot themselves. For example, an editor might need a shot on a hot summer day, but its winter where they live. Click here to see some examples.

3. Find a marketplace where content creators are looking for footage. My favorite is Pond5 Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

Check out the documentation and instructions for uploading footage to the pond5 market place for more details.


4. Once you’ve created an account and uploaded some footage, you give it a name, description, some keywords and a price.

Pond5 will give you 50% of the sale for whatever price you set.  If you set your clip at $100 you will get 50$ when it sells.

Pond5 already has a huge customer base. Then you let the folks over at pond 5 do the rest…. well almost…

Just by uploading your clips to pond5, it puts your clips in front of thousands of people.


5. Next you’re going to want to promote your work. Copy and paste the URL of your profile or clips and share those links on your social media platforms.


These are just the basic steps of selling stock footage. Stay tuned for more detailed posts and tutorials on how to make some serious money selling stock footage.

The best part of selling stock footage is that once you have a good collection of clips to sell, you can watch the sales come in when you’re busy working on something else.

I started selling stock footage 7 years ago and Im still getting sales from the clips I uploaded when I started.   Good luck and happy uploading!

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

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